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UroGynaecological Society of Australasia

Expanding the Horizons In Female Health Care

UGSA Pelvic Floor Database

MEMBER UPDATE: UGSA Database Upgrade Complete- June 2015

A database users update document has been prepared and is attached for your record and is also available in the ‘Download’ section of the UGSA Database website. This will guide you through the new features. 

Upgrade Document with new features here.

Visit and log onto the UGSA Pelvic Floor Surgery Database here.

Why bother with a database?
A Urogynaecological database enables the objective collation of information about surgical complications and outcomes for a wide range of surgical procedures (NOT just mesh). This will provide supportive evidence to guide future practice based on locally obtained data for Australia and New Zealand.

What database are we using?
After many months of deliberation, UGSA elected to proceed with the database established by the British Society of Urogynaecologists [BSUGS], with the database modified to satisfy Australasian Laws in regard to data collection and to be compatible with the slight differences in health care systems.The BSUG database has a proven track record for being secure, reliable and easy to use and has an audit facility. UGSA members entering data can be reassured that their data is anonymous, there is no big brother element involved!!

How is a pelvic floor surgery database of benefit me?
-PR CRM points: The RANZCOG have allocated 5 PR-CRM points per 20 patients entered and followed on the database, a great way to obtain these points especially for those working in private practice.

-It’s a cheap and easy way to audit your own outcomes, and if you wish compare them to national results.

-The database covers all pelvic floor surgery and slings so is relevant to all gynaecologists.

-It’s cheap at $200 per year a fraction of setting up your own database and it has the additional benefit of an easy to use audit tool with excellent graphics.

-Get ahead of the regulators.. Increasingly, Government and Regulatory Authorities are requiring evidence in relation to all surgery but in particular, pelvic floor surgery. Collection of accurate surgical data in the UGSA Database will help ensure that regulatory decisions are made on appropriate medical grounds and not by inappropriate emotional decisions in court rooms.

-The UGSA Pelvic Floor Surgery Database satisfies all requirements in relation to patient & practitioner confidentiality.

- Join UGSA to use the Pelvic Floor Database and help keep progress in medical & surgical manaement in the control of the appropriate medical bodies with the aim of Expanding the Horizons of Female Health Care.

- The monitoring of progress and development is of the upmost importance and UGSA is proud to be pro-active in this area.